Install Windows 7 (64 bit) on HP 530 Notebook

Windows Versions

When Windows Vista became pre-release I immediately installed it because of the stories that we heard about it. We all remember that Microsoft says a lot about Windows Vista, so that we believed it will satisfy all our dreams.

But I couldn’t use it more than one month!! I realized that Windows Vista is not stable, beside that it used a lot of RAM comparing to Windows XP, so I felt that I was stupid because I believed Microsoft trivialities about Windows Vista. From that day I stuck with Windows XP and refuse even thinking about changing it!

Now a days, Windows 7 become pre-release and many people (includes IT professionals) says that Windows 7 is the best ever Windows, they always repeat that Windows 7 is the soul of Windows XP with Windows Vista style. So after I heard this story from a lot of my friends I finally decide to try Windows 7

Preparing to Install

I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) on my HP 530 Notebook, and realized a lot of people in forums tried to do that on almost the same laptop, so I deiced to add this post to be a step by step tutorial about installing Windows 7 and almost all programs you need on it.
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